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KCABJ Newsletter for January 2010
January 17, 2010

KCABJ Elects New Officers
KCABJ members voted at the January meeting to re-elect Greg Moore as president of the organization.
KCABJ member Sharon Cheers put together the slate of candidates. Also re-elected were Glenn E. Rice, vice president/print; Robyn King, vice president/broadcast; Anita K. Parran, secretary; and Lewis Diuguid, treasurer.
Greg outlined that he would like to have a membership party in February. The date, time and location have to be ironed out.
He also said KCABJ had to start soon to recruit interested students for the summer KCABJ Urban Student Journalism Academy. The group needs more people to apply for the two-week program.
In addition, KCABJ needs to launch a serious membership drive. The organization benefits financially and in human resources from members’ contributions.
Lewis in a year-end treasurer’s report noted that without membership dues, donations and the 2009 membership/fundraising party last February, KCABJ would have struggled financially. Even with those things, the organization saw its funds grow by only 3 percent. Lewis said the recession, layoffs and cutbacks in minority hiring by area media companies had affected KCABJ.
Glenn, a former board member and treasurer of the National Association of Black Journalists, cautioned that KCABJ had to adhere to its constitution and the rules of NABJ and not just admit anyone as a local member. Working journalists can be full members. Public relations professionals are accorded membership, too.
Glenn also suggested that KCABJ reach out soon to the new, news director of KCTV-5, who is an African American.
In other news, KCABJ did refile paperwork to continue its affiliate with NABJ.

Why is it that Sunday talk shows, which focus on issues of race now more than ever before because Barack Obama is the nation’s first African American President, have no or too few persons of color featured on TV commenting about black/white issues? It is a big D’uh for viewers. Yet when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was quoted in a new book saying Obama as a light complexioned black who did not speak with a “Negro dialect” was someone the public could elect, talk shows jumped on the topic without having the insight of journalists of color. That is an ongoing deficiency among network news channels and cable news stations.
NABJ opens its call for convention proposals for workshops and panel discussions. The convention takes place in San Diego on July 28-Aug. 1. For more information go to
NABJ also is seeking entries for its Salute to Excellence Awards and for its special honors and the Hall of Fame. For more information go to

News You Can Use
RTDNA/UNITY are seeking applications for their media awards. For more information go to
Knight Wallace Fellows at the University of Michigan is seeking applications. For more information go to
The graduate journalism fellowships at American University with the Center for Public Integrity, the Bureau of National Affairs and USA Today are seeking applications. For more information go to
The Kansas City School District is seeking a public information officer. For more information call 816-418-7700.
Kansas State University is seeking a visiting faculty member. For more information contact Bonnie Bressers at 785-532-3956.
Minority journalists are invited to apply for the Metcalf Institute Diversity Fellowships for Environmental Reporting. For more information go to
PREP-KC is seeking two industry liaisons. For more information contact Beth McCarthy at 816-507-1306.
Communitas Awards honoring community service and social responsibility is seeking nominations. For more information go to
Sigma Delta Chi is seeking entries for its awards contest. For more information call Lauren Rochester at 317-927-8000, Ext. 210.

KC People
KCABJ’s membership grew by two for the New Year with the additions of Rocelyn Davis and Lewis Diuguid. Membership dues in the organization is due in January.
Former KCABJ member and officer, Joy Sewing, reports that she held a NABJ party at her house in Houston, which attracted positive media attention.
Former KCABJ academy student India Wells reports that she had a fabulous first semester at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She had a 3.6 GPA and is aiming for a 4.0 in the spring.

KCABJ Membership Application for 2010
Mail this application with your $20 check or money order to KCABJ, P.O. Box 32744, Kansas City, Mo. 64111. It covers your annual membership dues. Membership entitles you to receive the KCABJ monthly newsletter sent via e-mail and e-mailed monthly meeting notices.



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(Membership in KCABJ runs from January through December. Annual dues of $20 has not changed since 1981. It is the lowest of any of the affiliates of the National Association of Black Journalists. Membership is subsidized by donations from KCABJ members.)