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KCABJ Newsletter for January 2011
January 16, 2011

KCABJ Day Of Service
Several KCABJ members showed up at Harvesters to volunteer at the community food network during the national holiday for the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.
Members donated canned goods during the two hours that they were at the East Bottoms warehouse and helped sort and store food to benefit people in need. KCABJ Secretary Anita Parran organized the effort. This is the second year that KCABJ has had a day of service for the holiday honoring the birthday of the slain civil rights leader.
KCABJ at its January meeting elected new officers. They are Greg Moore, president; Robyn King, vice president/broadcast; Glenn Rice, vice president/print, Anita Parran, secretary; and Lewis Diuguid, treasurer. KCABJ member Sharon Cheers was instrumental in assembling the slate of officers for 2011.
KCABJ members also learned that the organization remains financially solvent. Its revenue increase about 2 percent over 2009, but that largely is because of donations, which have kept the organization afloat. Membership was up for 2010. Dues is $20, and now is the time to renew.
Greg explained that he wants to have a membership party/drive in February. Locations are being explored so members and potential members can get together, enjoy each others’ company, share food and drinks, plan for the new year and have fun.
People will receive an e-mail soon from Greg asking for feedback. “We’re going to keep ourselves going because it is the right thing to do,” Greg said.
KCABJ this year will observe its 30th anniversary. In addition, this year will mark the 20th anniversary of the KCABJ Media Awards. A committee will be formed soon of people to plan a banquet to celebrate the anniversaries.
At the meeting, KCABJ set June 20 through July 1 as the dates for the KCABJ Urban Student Journalism Academy. Please mark your calendars. Applications will be ready next month for distribution.

The National Association of Black Journalists is calling for proposals for the NABJ convention this year in Philadelphia.
The Convention Programming Committee is being led by Dr. Sybril Bennett. She is seeking innovative, educational and entrepreneural proposals that tie to the NABJ convention theme: “The Power of Now: Claiming Your Destiny.”
The proposals have to be received by Feb. 1. People will be notified of the status by March 15.
NABJ also is seeking amendments proposed for the NABJ constitution. Those are due Feb. 2. The convention takes place Aug. 3-6.
Joanna Hernandez is the new president of UNITY: Journalists of Color Inc.

News You Can Use
The Kansas City Press Club is seeking entries for the 2011 Heart of America Awards contest. Details can be found at
The American Society of Newspaper Editors is seeking entries for its Distinguished Writing Awards. The prizes for winners range from $1,000 to $10,000. For more information go to
Applications are being sought for the 2011 student multimedia projects and mentors. The deadline is Feb. 18. For more information go to

KC People
KCABJ Vice President/Broadcast Robyn King has been named Teacher-Consultant for the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Greater Kansas City Writing Project. King works at KPRS-FM and is yearbook and newspaper sponsor at Hickman Mills Junior High School. She had led the KCABJ student academy’s broadcast segment for years and is a 1990s graduate of the program.
Zachary L. McGowan, a graduate of the KCABJ student academy and scholarship winner, has been picked to go to Europe for two weeks in January for the Missouri School of Journalism’s Europe Intersession Tour, Jan. 1-17. Zachary is a student at MU.
KCABJ’s membership has inched upward with the additions of Lewis Diuguid, Liliya Karimova and Mara’ Rose Williams.

KCABJ Membership Application for 2011
Mail this application with your $20 check/money order to KCABJ, P.O. Box 32744, Kansas City, Mo. 64111. It covers your annual membership dues. Membership entitles you to receive the KCABJ monthly newsletter sent via e-mail and e-mailed monthly meeting notices.



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(Membership in KCABJ runs from January through December. Annual dues of $20 has not changed since 1981. It is the lowest of any of the affiliates of the National Association of Black Journalists. Membership is subsidized by donations from KCABJ members.)