KCABJ Newsletter for June 2012

KCABJ Academy
Six students this year were accepted into the KCABJ Urban Student Journalism Academy. The orientation was Saturday, June 2 at The Kansas City Star’s Press Pavilion.

The academy started early this year because of a scheduling conflict with the convention of the National Association of Black Journalists in New Orleans. The academy ran from June 4 through June15 at the Metropolitan Community College – Penn Valley.

The students were Selchia Cain, a sophomore at Drake University; Kamariah Al-Amin, a senior at the Afrikan Centered Education Collegium Campus; Breana Jordan, a freshman at Duke University; Miesha Miller, a senior at Raytown High School; Archie L. Wilson, a freshman at Webster University; and Martae Thibeaux, a sophomore at Staley High School.

KCABJ President Glenn E. Rice led the first week of the academy, concentrating on print journalism. The students were required to read The Kansas City Star each day, take current events quizzes and spelling tests.

KCABJ Vice President/Broadcast Robyn King led the students through the broadcast week with guest speakers from the radio and television stations in town as well as newsmakers. Guest speakers during the first week of the academy included Mi-Ai Parrish, publisher and president of The Kansas City Star; Randall Hundley, deputy chief of the Kansas City Police Department; and Steve Green, superintendent of the Kansas City Public Schools.

In a message to KCABJ members, Glenn gave special thanks to KCABJ members Lori Oyler, Pamela Spencer and Amber Mobley for working with the students each day on the re-writes and editing needed on the many stories.

Robyn had the students re-do their print stories for the radio newscast. KCTV-5 was there the students did their TV newscast. Special thanks go to KCTV-5 and to KPRS-FM and Carter Broadcasting for allowing the students to do their broadcast work at those stations.

KCABJ funds the program entirely through its budget, which includes meals for the students and faculty as well as the cost of insurance, which Penn Valley requires.

The 37th annual convention of the National Association of Black Journalists starts June 20 and runs through June 24 in New Orleans. It will include a jobs fair, sessions on New Orleans post-Katrina, and Trayvon Martin and covering a crime story in the digital age.

Of course there will be partying, too.

UNITY 2012 takes place separate from the NABJ convention because of conflicts that surfaced last year over representation and financing. UNITY will be in Las Vegas later this year.

Check out the new, improved, redesigned KCABJ Web site. KCABJ Vice President/Print Ramanda Hicks has worked diligently this year to get the site redesigned and fully functional. It had been spotty before.

Now members can go to the site to find out the latest news about KCABJ and the news industry. Check it out at http://www.kcabj.org.

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