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KCABJ Newsletter for July 2012
July 22, 2012

Media Awards
The 21st Annual KCABJ Media Awards will take place Saturday, Oct. 13 at The Kansas City Star Press Pavilion.

The award applications were mailed to area media and journalists. The deadline for the applications is July 27.

KCABJ annually has given awards for news media coverage of accurate depictions of African Americans and other people of color in stories, pictures and artwork. KCABJ also has award categories for advertising, public relations and public service announcements.

One of the goals of the media awards is to encourage good, honest journalism in the coverage of people of color. KCABJ has enjoyed phenomenal success in this area.

After the entries are received, judges will be picked to determine the best of news media coverage in the last year. Winners will be notified that they should attend the awards program to pick up their honors.

The students in the KCABJ Urban Student Journalism Academy also will be honored with the media professionals. The student stories will be printed in the 2012 KCABJ Journal, which will be distributed at the awards ceremony, and the students will receive copies of their television and radio newscasts.

KCABJ President Glenn E. Rice at the July meeting praised Amber Mobley and Lori Oyler for their work with the students during the academy. “Amber and Lori were there every day,” Glenn said, working with the students and editing their stories for re-writes.

The first week of the program focused on print journalism. The second week was broadcast. KCABJ Vice President/Broadcast Robyn King said the students were well-prepared when they went to her after the first week of tough instruction.

“They were amazing,” she said. “This group was a really good group. I think they are really serious about their careers. They want to be top-notch.”

At the awards program, KCABJ will announce the winners of four scholarships given to the top performing students in the academy. The students’ stories have been edited and a budget prepared for the publication. Once KCABJ member Pamela Spencer does the final edit and lays out the students’ stories, KCABJ members will huddle and determine who — from the merits of their work — the scholarship winners will be.

The students already have received a second letter from KCABJ thanking them for their work. They will be notified soon about the awards program.
KCABJ Website

KCABJ Vice President/Print Ramanda Hicks let members know the website is running well. It includes videos and pictures, which is new for the organization. This and past newsletters also will be posted on the site.

Glenn told the organization about funding possibilities for the student academy in 2013. KCABJ has financed the program from membership dues and donations. Stay tuned.
The National Association of Black Journalists held its convention recently in New Orleans. UNITY is to hold its convention Aug. 1-5 in Las Vegas. One session will be on covering the George Zimmerman killing of Trayvon Martin, which occurred in February in Florida.

KC People
KCABJ membership grew by one with the addition of Alonzo Weston. Others may be joining soon.

KCABJ President Glenn E. Rice and Mara’ Rose Williams were among this year’s winners of the NABJ Salute to Excellence Award winners. The award was for their story, “Freedom’s Distant Cry,” which was part of a series on the Civil War published in 2011 in The Kansas City Star.

Former KCABJ President Greg Moore sends a photo gallery of his 2-year-old twin sons. The family is doing well in Phoenix, where Greg relocated for a job with The Associated Press.

Gary Cotton, a KCABJ academy graduate and instructor, is enjoying his internship with Major League Baseball. Gary is a student at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism. To see Gary’s story go to

The mobile video is as

Raymond Banks, another KCABJ academy graduate who’s a student at Missouri Valley College, has sent a letter and proposal to Kansas City officials to try to end the senseless black-on-black violence in Kansas City. Raymond, who has studied abroad, was an Urban Ranger in Kansas City before going away to college.

KCABJ has received two thank you letters from this year’s KCABJ academy students. They were from Bre Jordan and Selchia Cain.