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KCABJ Newsletter for October 2012
October 14, 2012

Media Awards
Scholarship winners are graduates of the summer 2012 KCABJ Urban Student Journalism Academy at Metropolitan Community College – Penn Valley. They are among the high school and college students metrowide who completed the intensive two-week summer program in print, broadcast and convergence journalism.

The recipient of the 10th annual KCABJ-Lucile H. Bluford Scholarship is Selchia Cain. She is a sophomore at the Drake University. Ms. Bluford had been the longtime editor and publisher of The Call of Kansas City. She continued in that job until she died in June 2003 at age 91. Ms. Bluford used the pages of The Call to promote civil rights and helped open journalism more to people of color. The KCABJ-Roy Wilkins Scholarship has been awarded annually since 1987. It is named after a former editor of The Call, Roy Wilkins, who also served as head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People during the Civil Rights Movement. The winner of the 2012 KCABJ-Roy Wilkins Scholarship is Breana Jordan. Jordan is a freshman at Duke University. She is the 26th recipient of the scholarship.

The 11th annual KCABJ-Laura R. Hockaday Scholarship went to Miesha Miller, a senior at Raytown High School. The annual scholarship is named after Hockaday, who until she retired in 2000 was the longtime society editor of The Kansas City Star. Hockaday has received numerous awards for making her work inclusive of the racial, ethnic, gender and other diversity in Greater Kansas City.

The 19th Annual KCABJ-Nancy Diuguid Scholarship was awarded to Archie L. Wilson. Wilson is a freshman at Webster University. The scholarship is funded by KCABJ Treasurer Lewis Diuguid and named for his mother, who died in 1994 of Alzheimer’s disease. Nancy Diuguid had longed to be a journalist, but such career options were mostly closed to young black women in the 1950s.

This honor goes to the area media professional or organization that has done the most to further the interests of the Kansas City Association of Black Journalists. The recipient is judged by the president of KCABJ to have selflessly given time, talent and resources to benefit other journalists of color in Greater Kansas City. KCABJ President Glenn E. Rice chose Ramanda Hicks, KCABJ’s vice president/print, for the honor for her work in rebuilding the KCABJ website and for her community outreach for KCABJ.

In its 31-year history, KCABJ has only named three persons for its Lifetime Achievement Award. They are Helen Gray, Geri Gosa and Anita Parran. This year Pete Wilkerson, a former reporter for The Kansas City Times and a former cameraman for KCTV-5, and J.W. Edwards, a longtime cameraman for WDAF-TV, Channel 4, join them as this year’s recipients of that honor.

Wilkerson had been with KCTV-5 for 25 years. He currently owns Video-Audio-Content in which he produces video and documentary content. Edwards manages a staff of 21 photographers and eight editors. He has been with WDAF-TV for 33 years.

The professional award recipients:
 Elana Gordon with KCUR-FM; KCABJ Broadcast Radio: News Feature Award for “Taking Another Look at John Brown”

 Dr. Susan B. Wilson, Sylvia Maria Gross, Suzanne Hogan and Alex Smith with KCUR-FM’s “KC Currents”; KCABJ Broadcast Radio News Magazine Award for “KC Currents” Body of Work

 Monroe Dodd, Walt Bodine and Andrea Silenzi with KCUR-FM’s “Walt Bodine Show”; KCABJ Broadcast Radio: Talk Show Award for “A History of African Americans in Kansas City”

 Glenn E. Rice and Mara’ Rose Williams with The Kansas City Star; KCABJ Newspapers Daily (over 100,000): Enterprise Reporting Award for “Freedom’s Distant Cry”

 Alonzo Weston with the St. Joseph News-Press; KCABJ Newspapers Daily (under 200,000): Commentary Award for “We’re the Survivors”

 Donna Stewart and Tracy Allen with The Call of Kansas City; KCABJ Newspaper Magazine Award for “They Were All Stars!!!”

 Helen T. Gray with The Kansas City Star; KCABJ Newspapers Daily (over 100,000): Features Award “Songs of Their Freedom”

 Jenee’ Osterheldt with The Kansas City Star; KCABJ Newspapers Daily (over 100,000): Commentary Award for Body of work: “Wear a Hoodie for Trayvon,” “Enduring Photo Inspires Dreams” and “The Twilight of Myra Taylor.”

News You Can Use
College juniors and seniors are encouraged to apply for the Dow Jones News Fund summer internships in digital, news and sports editing and business reporting. The deadline is Dec. 1. For more information for the positions paying at least $350 a week for a minimum of 10 weeks, go to

The Missouri Lawyers Media has an opening for a reporter to cover the business of law for Missouri Lawyers Weekly. For more information contact Richard Jackoway at

KC People
Pete Wilkerson has become a member of KCABJ, joining for 2013 after receiving the prestigious KCABJ Lifetime Achievement Award.

KCABJ academy graduate Trey Williams is a standout as editor in chief sharing his views in a column in the Northwest Missourian

Pamela Spencer, a KCABJ member and 10-year member of The Kansas City Star staff, left the newspaper to work at Sprint. She had for years done the layout of the KCABJ Journal. She will be missed, however, she said she intends to remain active in KCABJ.