KCABJ Newsletter for March 2014

KCABJ Officers
KCABJ members elected new officers for 2014. President is Lewis Diuguid; vice president/broadcast, Pamela Woodley; vice president/print, Ramanda Hicks; secretary, Anita Parran; and treasurer, Bette Tate-Beaver.

Increasing the membership of KCABJ will be the theme of the group this year. Expect to see special events and outreach to journalists of color in the Kansas City area. Jonathan Carter said he will begin the process of gathering names and contact information of African Americans who work for area radio and television stations.

Once people are identified as potential members, a survey will be taken to learn what people want in the organization and an invitation made for them to join KCABJ.

Pamela suggested that current KCABJ members reach out to at least five potential members and encourage them to become part of the group.

“They need to see some value in it besides having to attend one more meeting per month,” Bette said.

Ramanda said she would post to KCABJ’s website any link members might send of their work to highlight KCABJ members’ accomplishments. To do that, KCABJ members can send links and any additional information to diuguidlj@yahoo.com. Lewis then will forward the work to Ramanda.

KCABJ members also set the dates for the KCABJ Urban Student Journalism Academy. The orientation will be June 14 at The Kansas City Star Press Pavilion, 16th and McGee streets. The academy will run from June 16-27 at Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley.

The first week will be dedicated to print journalism. Glenn E. Rice, past president, said he will coordinate that part of the program. Robyn King, past vice president/broadcast, said she will put together the second week, focused on broadcast journalism.

The academy has been an ongoing, annual feature of KCABJ’s since 1982, encouraging more African Americans to pick journalism as their profession. Many KCABJ students have graduated from college and for years have worked and excelled in the print, broadcast and new media industries.

KCABJ member Aaron Randle said he would help recruit students into the program through visits to public schools.

The next KCABJ meeting was set for April 26. The time and location will be announced.

News You Can Use
A “First Opportunity Fair” for high school youth will take place on March 25. For more information contact Nick Hardesty with Kauffman Scholars Inc., 816-932-1088.

KC People
Kia Breaux and Jonathan Carter joined KCABJ, helping to build the membership.

KCABJ Secretary Anita K. Parran has been selected for the 2014 Class of Influential Women in Kansas City. KC Business recognizes Kansas City’s most outstanding female civic and business leaders as Influential Women.

KCABJ Membership Application for 2014
Mail this application with your $35 check or money order to KCABJ, P.O. Box 32744, Kansas City, Mo. 64111. It covers your annual membership dues. Membership entitles you to receive the KCABJ monthly newsletter on the KCABJ website at kcabj.org and emailed monthly meeting notices.



HOME ADDRESS_________________________

Email address____________________________

Phone (w) _________________________


Cellphone __________________________

Occupation (Title, company and address):


(circle one)

Years of Experience________________________

KCABJ and/or NABJ member

(circle one or both)

(Membership in KCABJ runs from January through December. Annual dues of $35 is the lowest of any of the affiliates of the National Association of Black Journalists. Membership is subsidized by donations from KCABJ members.)

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