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KCABJ Newsletter for July 2014
July 22, 2014

Normal vanishes
Normally KCABJ would be gearing up for its 23rd Annual Media Awards ceremony after completing the annual KCABJ summer urban student journalism academy. Normally KCABJ members would be getting ready to attend the National Association of Black Journalists annual convention and jobs fair.

But this is far from a normal year. The NABJ convention is taking place July 30 through Aug. 3 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel and John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center in Boston. Hundreds of black journalists are expected to attend.

Some from the Kansas City area are likely to go, too.

But KCABJ is in a rebuilding mode. Invitations to the 2014 KCABJ Urban Student Journalism Academy yielded no applications. Because of a declining interest in the area media producing enterprise and accurate news stories about African Americans and other people of color, the KCABJ membership voted earlier this year to cancel the media awards program for 2014.

The next KCABJ membership meeting will be Saturday, Aug. 16. The time and date will be announced by email to paid members of the organization.

People who plan to attend should get in touch with KCABJ President Lewis Diuguid by sending email to

The August meeting will be the start of the restructuring of the organization. The agenda for August will focus on the urban student journalism academy and what KCABJ could do differently to attract and retain more students. Members are urged to come with ideas.

The meeting the following month will deal with the media awards program and how that might be restructured to generate more interest.

Again, KCABJ members are encouraged to send email to Lewis with ideas they would like to share at the meetings.

KC People
Liliya Karimova rejoined KCABJ as a member. KCABJ academy graduates are headed back to school and others are in the job market. KCABJ members have promised to do what they can to support KCABJ students for life with recommendations and career counseling. We strive to do for our young people what few to no persons ever did for us.