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KCABJ Urban Student Journalism Academy February 1986
December 29, 2020

KCABJ Newsletter for December 2020
December 14, 2020

President’s Column

   If you’re reading this, we made it through 2020! It’s been a wild ride, but we did it. 
   This year KCABJ has increased its membership by more than 50% and for the first time in half a decade, we are recognized by the National Association of Black Journalists as an official chapter affiliate.
   In 2021, we will focus on using our collective power for advocacy, accountability and action in newsrooms across Greater Kansas City. 2021 marks 40 years since the founding of KCABJ. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have plenty of ideas and projects on the horizon. KCABJ will find ways to safely and creatively engage with our members and the community. In our last meeting, we asked members what they wanted from this organization. We understand you want KCABJ to establish relationships with management at news organizations, you want more professional development for members and budding journalists, and you want us to advocate for fair and balanced coverage in all newsrooms. 

   I have great news! Everything you want is within our reach, and we will make it our goal to serve and support you. We are fortunate to have a diverse group of journalists and media professionals from television, newspaper, radio, public relations, education, independent media, and more.  For this organization to run in the most efficient way we need our members to volunteer their gifts, talents, and professional connections to the group There are seven committees within KCABJ, print advocacy, media monitoring, membership/recruitment, awards/special events, social media/branding, strategic planning and finance. How can you leverage your gifts to help contribute to the mission of the group? Which committee interests you? Do you have ideas for KCABJ? We hope to hear the answers to these questions very soon. If you haven’t already, please consider a yearly $35 for membership in KCABJ. I am optimistic, hopeful and excited about what will happen next!
   Whenever and however you celebrate your holidays, please do it safely.
   See you next year!

NABJ Connection

   Dorothy Tucker, president of the National Association of Black Journalists, praised the Kansas City Association of Black Journalists for renewing its affiliate status with NABJ this year and building back its membership.

   KCABJ member Glenn E. Rice was instrumental in getting Tucker to speak to the December Zoom membership meeting of KCABJ. Glenn has served NABJ as a regional director and as treasurer.

   Tucker said she was impressed that KCABJ’s membership included a diverse group of television, newspaper, radio and black press journalists. KCABJ since the November meeting was able to submit the paperwork and the required bonding documents to renew its affiliate status with NABJ for the first time since 2015.

   Tucker also was keen to remember that KCABJ hosted the NABJ convention in 1991 when it was in Kansas City. She said she was impressed by the membership then as well.

   Tucker also spoke of the NABJ Chapter Day meeting set for Jan. 29. Officers with affiliate chapters will learn what’s taking place with NABJ and share what’s going on in their area.

   Tucker said Houston is to be the site for the 2021 NABJ convention, but like this year, that will depend on how well the nation has contained the coronavirus and on the distribution of the new vaccine to stop the spread of COVID-19. The 2020 joint convention of NABJ with the National Association of Hispanic Journalists became the first virtual convention ever for both organizations.

   Regardless of the pandemic and the nation’s response to it, Tucker said that a virtual component will be part of the 2021 NABJ convention because the first was so successful. Tucker also told the membership of KCABJ about a new LGBTQIA training session that NABJ was undertaking for the benefit of NABJ members and affiliate chapters. She said it was so all members “feel welcome and safe.”

   Tucker encouraged KCABJ members to watch after the start of the New Year for NABJ’s call for proposals for the 2021 convention. She said she was particularly interested in more proposals coming from the Midwest. The national organization tends to get more proposals from the coasts.

   Tucker encouraged KCABJ members to also look for media institutes and digital boot camps that NABJ plans to offer in 2021 as continuing education opportunities for black journalists.

   In other news, KCABJ President Kaci Jones said progress was being made on KCABJ launching its first webinar for high school and college students. The first would focus on sports coverage.

   Participants would be asked to pay $10 to secure their spot in the program. KCABJ will connect with organizations in the Kansas City area that work with students who are interested in journalism careers. Because of the coronavirus global pandemic, the webinar is a way for KCABJ to provide the training that it normally would do during its two-week, summer KCABJ Urban Student Journalism Academy.

   KCABJ members said they wanted KCABJ to renew the services it provided in the community and to build a rapport with area media companies so they are aware that the organization once more is a viable media watchdog.

   Kaci also reminded members that 2021 will be KCABJ’s 40th anniversary. The organization will have to celebrate that occasion.

   Kaci shared with the membership that she would like local media companies to be audited to determine how well they are doing in recruiting, hiring, promoting and retaining journalists of color. The need is critical to ensuring a more accurate, fair and balanced coverage of African Americans and other people of color. Kaci cited a recent TV news story and chatter that followed giving an inaccurate portrayal of the history involving African Americans. She encouraged members to collect recordings of such instances so KCABJ can use them in meetings with Kansas City media executives.

   Also worth noting, veteran KCABJ members and officers provided the incoming board members with an orientation training to better equip the new officers with running the association. Those veterans included Anita Parran, Glenn Rice, Kia Breaux and Bette Tate-Beaver. Glenn put together an impressive PowerPoint, which the new officers received. It was the first time that KCABJ has provided an orientation for incoming officers.

   It is also important to note, that KCABJ members enjoyed their first Zoom holiday party after the December meeting. Kaci and Vice President/Broadcast Breland Moore got those in attendance to share information about themselves in a creative and fun way.


   NABJ will hold its virtual awards program at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time on Dec. 19. Grammy Award-winning singer and actress Jennifer Holliday is among the featured performers. DJ Andre Mack will serve as the host of the program. The honors that will be presented include Salute to Excellence Awards, NABJ Special Honors and NABJ Hall of Fame inductees.

  NABJ is offering Insider Fellowships to students. For more information, go to NABJ-Insider, Inc. Fellowship (

   Students also can apply for a number of NABJ scholarships. For more information, go to

   An NABJ-Facebook Journalism Project Fact-Finding Fellowship is seeking applicants. For more information, go to 2021 Fact-Checking Fellowship (

News You Can Use

   The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism invites proposals from individuals and organizations who wish to partner on innovative projects that strengthen journalism’s future. Fellowships range from $20k – $80k and last 8 months. Read more here. The deadline is Dec. 18.

   KCTV5/KSMO, a Meredith Corporation is seeking a Multimedia Producer. Meredith participates in the federal E-Verify program to confirm the identity and employment authorization of all newly hired employees. For further information about the E-Verify program, please click here:

   WDAF-TV, the Fox affiliate in Kansas City, MO is seeking a Digital Live Producer. Apply Online at URL:

   WDAF-TV, the Fox affiliate in Kansas City, MO is seeking a News Photographer. Apply online at: Apply Online URL: Job Req #:

   The Kansas City Star has an opening for a news intern for the summer of 2021. For more information call 816-234-4636.

   KCUR-FM, the NPR affiliate, has an opening for a general manager. For more information call the station at 816-235-1551.

KC People

   KCABJ’s membership increased with the additions for 2021 of Kia Breaux and Rod Richardson, Shay Moore, Aaron Ladd, Khadijah Forrest and KCSN Media.

KCABJ Membership Application for 2021

Membership has its privileges. Mail this application with your $35 check or money order ($25 for students) to KCABJ, P.O. Box 414014, Kansas City, Mo. 64141. It covers your annual membership dues. Membership entitles you to receive the KCABJ monthly newsletter and emailed meeting notices.



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KCUR-FM Job Opening
December 1, 2020

Are you ready to take on the leadership opportunity of a lifetime? NPR and its member public radio stations are creating an innovative system of regional newsrooms, and the newest one, in the Midwest, focuses on investigative journalism. KCUR, in Kansas City, is hiring a Managing Editor who will define and manage the editorial vision for this collaboration, working with a dedicated team of four journalists plus reporters and editors across at stations across the four-state region.  

We’re looking for an ambitious journalist — based in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska or Iowa — who can build and lead a network that shares resources, plans coverage together, and holds power accountable. If this appeals to you, please take a look at the full job description here:

The application window closes Dec. 13.