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KCABJ Newsletter for October 2021
October 12, 2021

Membership meeting

   KCABJ members discussed moving the KCABJ Urban Student Journalism Academy to August just before the end of summer vacation for high school and college students.

   The two-week academy had occurred at the beginning of the summer break to catch students ahead of jobs they might have lined up for the warmer months and family vacations. Members at the October meeting appeared to favor the shift for young people who have an interest in careers in journalism. The planning for the startup of the academy in 2022 now has an Aug. 15-19 date in mind. The membership thought that a one-week academy with a blend of print and broadcast training would suffice.

   KCABJ members also began planning for a Dec. 11 holiday/40th anniversary party potentially at the Gates Bar-B-Q Restaurant at 1325 Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd. KCABJ President Harold Kuntz saw the gathering as a way to draw in new members for KCABJ. Dues is due at the first of the year.

   Members also discussed having a KCABJ podcast in which members would talk about the issues of the day. “I’d just like people to get their voices heard,” Harold said.

   KCABJ Secretary Rae Daniel also suggested that KCABJ volunteer to help a nonprofit as a way to build stronger bonds among members. KCABJ member Glenn E. Rice suggested that KCABJ members could work with his church twice a month on food giveaways to people in need. “All you have to do is show up,” Glenn said.

   The next meeting of KCABJ is Nov. 13.


   The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) recently announced the selection of 21 new members in response to its expressed commitment to improving diversity among its membership ranks. The move comes months after the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) and other groups began engaging with the organization to shine a light on its long history of diversity and inclusion deficiencies, including having no Black journalists as members.

   According to the HFPA announcement, the diversity breakdown of the new members is as follows:

  • 48% identify as women
  • 29% identify as Black
  • 24% identify as Asian
  • 29% identify as Latinx
  • 19% identify as Middle Eastern/North African

   “Today’s announcement represents a positive step forward in a long-overdue overhaul of HFPA’s diversity, equity and inclusion practices,” said NABJ President Dorothy Tucker. “However, NABJ will continue to engage with HFPA to ensure that the other areas of improvement we have been vocal about are being seen through. Going from zero to six Black members is important but seeing more Black members join the organization is critical.” 

   NABJ has selected its inaugural class of the NABJ Entrepreneur Academy powered by CafeMedia. The academy is an arm of the organization’s newly established NABJ Entrepreneur Network, which specializes in helping members with existing digital media companies and websites to grow their businesses. 

   According to NABJ President Dorothy Tucker, the network was created to offer new, veteran and future entrepreneurs and creators business development and digital strategy support.

   “We created the network to provide support for our members who are established, budding or aspiring entrepreneurs and to answer the call to develop and strengthen more Black-owned digital media and content providers,” Tucker said. “NABJ recognizes that not all of our members will pursue traditional jobs, and we want to encourage members to start their own businesses. We are proud to welcome our inaugural class and look forward to what the future holds.”

News You Can Use

   The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri-Columbia is accepting applications for newsrooms that want to host a RJI Student Fellow for the summer. These fellows will be Mizzou journalism students who are placed with a news organization to work 30-40 hours a week in a summer product fellowship. These fellowships can be remote or in-person.  The 2022 fellowships will be focused on projects that create, extend or build upon product work in each newsroom. This can be anything from building tools, creating a newsletter, working with your CMS or other product centered ideas. Each student will be trained by a News Product Alliance coach prior to their fellowship and have monthly remote training sessions throughout the summer with them. Interested in hosting a RJI Student Fellow? Apply here!

   Georgia Southern University is seeking an assistant director of student media. For more information, go to

KC People

   Please welcome Tatyana Presley to KCABJ. In June 2020, she started as a Journalism Career Participant at KSHB-NBC, Channel 41. Since then, she has gained the necessary skills to pursue her goal of becoming a full-time producer. She strives daily to create engaging and informative newscasts for the Kansas City community. She says she is excited about her future as a producer with KSHB-NBC, Channel 41.